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Xu Qian, Deputy Mayor of Laibin City and His Companions Visit Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile to Talk about the Concrete Cooperation Matters



On March 20, Xu Qian, Deputy Mayor of Laibin City, Guangxi, Li Shuangning, Section Chief, Lei Yingtian, Director of Laibin Henan Industrial Park visited Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, the subsidiary of CCI Holdings. Leaders such as Chen Guoliang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, Cao Tiezhong, General Manager Assistant of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile were responsible for receiving them. On the basis of the early-stage work, they conducted the detailed negotiations of the concrete cooperation matters.


Chen Guoliang, Deputy General Manager mainly introduced the implementation conditions of recent projects of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile and future layout to Xu Qian, Deputy Mayor of Laibin City. He said that under the guidance of Product Policy of the Automotive Industry, Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile actively promoted the structural adjustment and upgrade of the enterprise, and constituted the corporate alliance according to the market rule, thus realizing the advantage complementation and resource sharing. Since CCI Holdings wholly owns Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, it has shown the great vitality in terms of business expansion and R&D level through capital and platform advantages of the Group.  


Xu Qian, Deputy Mayor of Laibin City highly praised the business development and future prospect of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, expressed that Laibin Municipal Government attached great importance to its cooperation with Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile, and sincerely hoped reach the cooperation consensus between both parties. In order to further promote the cooperation, both parties still had to discuss about the concrete cooperation mode in details. 


Director Lei Yingtian also expressed his cooperation will with Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile. Laibin owns the industrial base of military-civilian integration and enormous supporting measure, and it firmly believes that the automobile lightweight has a great number of market demands and the business of "aluminum-electricity integration" has a bright prospect. However, in order to promote the implementation of cooperation projects, both parties still have to jointly explore concrete cooperation matters and friendly negotiate about the best plan. In subsequent negotiations, Chen Guoliang had in-depth exchanges with party and government leaders such as Xu Qian and Lei Yingtian about the government preferential policy, land policy, subsidy form, market implementation, qualification permission and project advantage. 


Through this negotiation, both parties will positively promote the cooperation in order to seek for a better cooperation orientation. In the future, Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile will set foot in Laibin City as soon as possible and expand the market layout of Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile through global supporting resources and by combining advanced management ideas of the company and long-accumulated R&D and manufacturing technology and experience.